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Annual General Meeting


Sri SIIM presented its annual general budget 2017-18 on 11th March. The budget was presented in 2 sessions. Eminent speakers from different fields were invited to attend the session. Board of Governing Directors presented the budget. Mr. Sudeep Mukherjee was the Chairman of the session. Lft. General Sunil Kumar Gadeock was the chief guest of the session. First session was started by the opening remarks of Mr. Durganand Swami. He said that main purpose of this event is to give the feeling of what goes inside the parliament. It helps in knowing what Budget is. Mr. Sudeep Mukherjee declared the session open. He said that in whatever field you are, there is planning and budgeting. The basic premise of this institution is INDIAN SOUL, UNIVERSAL MIND. He further added that whatever you are doing, keep on churning your brain, how best you can utilize for the good time all across the globe. Then there was a formal release of book- Constitution of SRI SIIM Foundation. After that there was the submission of Annual Report of BOG by Sh. Durgananda Swami, prior to which Prof. K.K Ahuja presented the Annual Report of the Institute and the Senate in the House. CEO and Deputy CEO of CSR were asked to give annual report of CSR – “UTTARAN”. Then annual report was released of Economic Survey followed by the speech given by the Rev. CMT. Then chief guest of the session said that it is the leadership that has to come to the front. People these days are very less tolerant. Our country must achieve what is unachievable. After that Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Hon’ble member of BOG, Sri SIIM Foundation proposed the vote of thanks of the first session. The second session started with the opening remarks by Mr. Vijay Sardana, as the Chairman. He declared the session open. After that, the technical team showed the video on Benediction of His Holiness. Prior to this, Rev. CMT gave speech on General Budget 2017-18, Financial Bills and Annual Financial Directives and submitted the same. After that the Dy. CEO (Finance) submitted the Budget of Sri SIIM CSR “Uttaran” 2017-18. Then the Chairman of the House declared the session open for Q-A prior to which he asked for the approval of Sri SIIM Foundation General Budget 2017-18, Budget of Sri SIIM CSR “Uttaran” etc. Then the Chair of the House gave the Valedictory Address. At the end, Dr. O.P. Bohra, Hon’ble member of BOG, Sri SIIM Foundation proposed the vote of thanks. The 10th AGM of Sri SIIM Foundation closed with the declaration by the Chairman of the House followed by the National Anthem of India.

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