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Iftar Party - CSR Activity


Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan and is often done as a community with people gathering to break their fast together.CSR team had decided that to provide food to break the fast on the occasion of Ramadan. Team had gathered at Mosque and distributed food among the people who were in roja on 9th &16th July. Team had arranged the food according to their choice like - Banana, Juice, Samosa, Date, and Roohafja and also had food with them. They were very delighted for our contribution and assure that they would prayer for us as well as for our college. To mark the auspicious occasion of Ramadan, Sri SIIM CSR” UTTARAN” served about 75 people on 9th June 2017 and 80 people in the Mosque on 16th June 2017 and they also offered us to join iftar party.

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