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Your study at Sri SIIM is very different to school or college. You’ll be focus- ing on a subject you love, and depending on what you choose, there will be a lot more variety in terms of teaching methods. We’ll help you settle in to this new way of learning, and you can find out exactly what’s involved for your course in the ‘How will I study?’ section of the school brochure for your subject.

Facilities for learning

We understand that everyone learns in different ways, as well as traditional methods such as lectures and seminars, your learning will be com- plemented by technology including podcast and lecture capture facilities. You’ll also have access to 24 hour PC suites, Wi-Fi. We have a huge library with huge of resource, including more than one to two hundred thousand books and journals; both printed and eBook items, you might be spending a lot of time in the library, so it’s good to know there are group work spaces, silent study zones, PCs and plasma screens, everything you’ll need if you are interested in.

Learn a Language

If you’ve even wanted to learn a new language, the institute’s Centre for Foreign Language Studies ( C-Folast) gives you the opportunity to study a wide variety at different levels, even if you’re not taking a course that involves a language. At least two languages are offered from beginners’ level with some going up to near native competency. The inter-faculty languages programme offers credited modules, which are free for students if taken as part your credit allocation (your credit allocation is the amount of credits you have to take each semes- ter), in Foreign Languages with special focus on SPANISH Language.

Sharing Knowledge

U-Now is our collection of open educational materials that have been uploaded to the web. It has been created to enable you to browse or download material about subjects from across the Institute and complete full modules or smaller-scale learning objectives. There are no assessments and no credits are awarded. U-Now is simply about providing you with opportunities to learn more about a familiar subject or study a new one.

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