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1. SMS WITH NAME on 1800-313-0403 (TOLL FREE) for Counseling over Phone)
2. You are welcome to come over to our campus on any Saturday at 10 AM for a one on one Counseling Session.
3. However if you cannot come immediately then this check list will help you in selecting the right college.
This check list has been designed on the basis of our study of top level students who were very choosy about selecting the right college. This will help you in choosing your college this year. If your score on your college is at least 80% than your selection is correct.

Check List (Total Marks: 100)

1. Is the Institute recognised by AICTE or UGC? Please note that in Delhi State, only the Government Approved Delhi University can give a degree. Any other institute has to be approved by AICTE. Many institutes are offering distance learning degrees and misleading the students by claiming that Degrees are better than PGDM. PGDM approved by AICTE is equivalent to MBA and PGDM is approved by the AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India.(Marks: 20)

2. Syllabus: Many colleges teach only for half day from old syllabus and do not even finish the course. Syllabus has to include full credit courses of 35 to 40 hours & must have subjects like Personality Development, Business Communication, Business Analytics, Indian Management, Indian Wisdom, Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation in addition to the old MBA syllabus. Is the syllabus focused on building your IQ as well as EQ which accounts for 80% success in life? This is a question you need to evaluate before selecting your college.(Marks: 20)

3. Quality of Lead Faculty: Check out the governance system and qualifications and industry experience of the Faculty Leaders including the Director, Academic Head and Core Faculty leaders. In many colleges the faculty simply does not appear for the classes so this is a very important point to double check.(Marks: 15)

4. Placement: Is the institute preparing you for a long term global career by focusing on giving you International exposure, building qualities like punctuality, discipline, industry interface & giving special projects besides keeping you updated through value added subjects. Remember, you will get a job and grow only if you are prepared well. Check the previous placement record for highest and lowest salaries. Check out for International Placements. (Marks: 15)

5. Teaching Contact Hours & Fees: What are the college timings? To run a full fledged MBA course a whole day engagement of at least 9 to 10 hours is necessary. If the campus timings are only 4 to 5 hours than you are being given half the value for your full fees. Most colleges run several shifts simply to make more money at the cost of the students. (Marks: 10)

6. Infrastructure: This is not the most important factor yet an important factor. Please check out the plans to update software and hardware in the Computer Lab, Number of Publications in the Library, Auditorium facilities, the Class Rooms and basic facilities like quality of food, water and environment. (Marks: 10)

7. Rules & Regulations: Please beware of colleges trying to only keep the students entertained in the campus and the class rooms. A good college Professor will be like a good Doctor who will enforce the best of rules and regulations to ensure that the student's are fit for the industry when they pass out. Weak rules and regulations mean you are being taught not to respect your own money and time. Would the Industry hire some one who does not value his or her own time and money? (Marks: 10)

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